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  The island of Guam is a tropical paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, located in the Marianas,
which is north of Australia and east of Japan along the equator.  The island is situated right next to
the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of any ocean in the world.  Guam is a popular vacation
destination for tourists mainly from Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and the Philippines.  In
fact, tourism is the main industry on the island and tourists shouldn't have a problem finding
top-quality travel accommodations while on vacation.

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Guam Tourist Attractions & Tours

Talofofo Falls, Guam    Visitors to our island will find some great tourist attractions throughout Guam - especially natural attractions which include waterfalls, secluded island beaches, protected bays great for swimming and snorkeling, and great hiking destinations for the more adventurous.

   More than a handful of professional tour companies offer affordable tours to these attractions - immersing tourists in the natural beauty of Guam.  Discovering our island through air, land, or sea is just a phone call away and the best way to experience our island.  Let our tour operators make all the preparations while you enjoy the sights and scenes of Guam.


Guam Events & Activities

   In addition to all the sights and attractions, Guam also has a large quantity of activities tourists can participate in year-round.  For those who would like to remain active during their vacation, Guam offers scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing, and many other water-sports activities.  For those who prefer to stay on land, a visit to Paseo Stadium to watch a baseball game, a hike to explore Guam's natural beauty, or participating in one of many yearly events  on the island should be on your itinerary.  To learn more about Guam's yearly events check out our Events Section to find out which events are taking place throughout the year on the island!

Paseo Stadium, Guam

A Tropical Island Rich in Culture and Traditions

Latte Stone Park, Guam    And what's a vacation to Guam without experiencing the rich culture and traditions which are so deeply routed in everyday life on our island!  Tourists can immerse themselves in our island's unique culture by visiting Guam's southern villages, participating in fiestas to experience the island's cuisine, attending many of Guam's cultural activities to learn about traditional Chamorro music, arts, and crafts; and last but not least, mingle with the locals!  The island is rich with folklore, stories, and legends you can only learn about by speaking with the locals and is one the most intriguing part of our island's culture.  We're waiting to share our wonderful island and culture with you!  So pack your bags and get ready
for a fun, mystic, and relaxing getaway on the island of Guam!

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